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IMG 360 is our proprietary system that allows us to serve all your marketing needs by integrating lead generation, technology and a people-centered approach under one roof.

While you focus on legal practice, our team implements marketing strategies to identify and lure potencial claimants.

Our Bilingual Intake Center then steps in, applying rigorous quality checks to verify that prospects are legitimate.
With IMG 360 you’re embracing a comprehensive, quality-driven solution that puts people first.

Maximize your lead generation with our specialized services

SEO for top search visibility, strategic PPC campaigns, custom web design and development for user engagement, and impactful offline advertising. Unlock your firm’s full potential now.

Analyze and understand your criteria

We dive deep into your case criteria. We thoroughly analyze it to establish the most effective strategy. This guarantees that every aspect of the campaign is aligned with your goals, targeting the right audience.

Align content with your clients’ profile

We craft compelling content and creatives for a variety of channels. This includes designing engaging websites, persuasive ads and impactful media content. Each piece is tailored to resonate with potential claimants.

Implement Paid Media strategy

Our team then implements a robust paid media system, strategically placing ads across various platforms to identify and extract the highest quality leads. We utilize data-driven insights ensuring that each dollar is spent efficiently to reach potential clients.

Lead assessment and transfer

We recognize the urgency in Mass Torts and act swiftly. Once prospects fill out the form, they immediately receive an automated SMS to kickstart the intake process. This is promptly followed with a call from our in-house intake center to assess the quality of leads and secure their commitment to your firm.

Throughout these steps, we maintain a constant focus on performance, adapting strategies as needed to ensure the best possible results for your mass tort campaigns.

Bilingual Intake Services to care for your prospects

During this step, each lead is meticulously qualified according to your firm’s specific criteria by our Bilingual Intake Center with native speakers in both english and spanish. Our team has a sensitive approach and treats the prospects not only as potential claimants but victims that have a story to share and are seeking justice for themselves and their families.

Our workflow and technology provide a seamless transition from prospects to clients ready for your legal assistance.

Additionally, an independent quality team rigorously audits the intake operation, ensuring all our processes are followed to meet industry standards. This ultimate phase guarantees that leads undergo a legitimate qualification procedure.

Our in-house Technology and Information team excels in supporting our strategies, integrating product development expertise to launch solutions in record time. This approach secures a swift and effective campaign impact.

Boost your Mass Tort and MVA acquisition with our tailor-made solutions

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