Who are we?

International Media Group

In INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP it is our priority to keep the warm working atmosphere that both identifies us.
We are a group of professionals passionate about what we do and that it also has amazing talents.

The respect and the consideration of opinions or points of view is always present in all of our positions organizational. Keeping the goal of constant professional and personal development of every one of the members of the Group.

We seek to become a support significant for the strengthening of the social responsibility.

Our Vision

We position ourselves as a business group and provider of high-quality brands, without ever endangering our principles, and providing our customers and partners, and shareholders, results, innovative and inspiring.

Our Mission

Impact and social responsibility, the environment, national peruvian and american, securing a job not only of quality but intact and oriented to protect the people.


International Media Group (IMG) is a company whose business model is unique in Peru, is to be specialized in the area of Mass Tort (mass claims) with a presence in the u.s. market. IMG aims to confront the bad practices and provide legal support to those people whose health has been seriously affected by: medicines harmful, medical devices, defective, or the negligence of the business.


We are a young company whose growth in profitability and the team turned in difficult times. We grew up during the public health emergency, and from the beginning we have sought to align ourselves to a culture of integrity, kindness, innovation and social responsibility; to create an environment nourishing to the work that is done; as well as, health care and the integrity of the people. We have managed to project our team, the same principles that we apply when we interact and help our customers. Our purpose is to make calls to vulnerable people to help them and understand them. We work all the time with ethics and, in this way, we align our culture in the entire value chain, therefore, we live inside of our business: trust, credibility and respect. We promote at all times live within a warm and jovial, with a communication style that is conversational, which promotes the camaraderie in the team and provide us with security and peace to work with happiness.


Quality policy

International Media Group es una empresa dedicada al servicio de búsqueda de leads que cumplan los criterios brindados previamente establecidos por el cliente, realiza la validación, luego la verificación y entrega de la información para las demandas colectivas de nuestros clientes. Contamos con personal con experiencia, así como desarrollamos el servicio combinando tecnología de datos y herramientas digitales.

Comprometidos con nuestra visión y misión, estableciendo nuestro Sistema de Gestión de Calidad en base a la norma ISO 9001:2015, nuestros principios son los siguientes:

Our Achievements

Award for Business Excellence 2022


Award For Perseverance

The Endurance Adward

Innova Award 2022


Recognition of the Managerial Leadership 2022

Chamber of Commerce of Lima

Recognition of the Success of the Business by 2022

International Business Awards

+10 Projects

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Our Values